Graham: Muslim B'hood a Threat

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham addressed the Obama Administration's policy in the Middle East in a Q&A period in the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Elad Benari, | updated: 05:15

Sen. Lindsey Graham
Sen. Lindsey Graham
Wikimedia Commons

Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who visited Israel on Wednesday, answered questions that came in through the U.S. Embassy’s Facebook page.

One of the questions that Graham was asked was what his opinion is about President Barack Obama’s policy in the Middle East.

Graham said that despite him being a Republican and Obama being a Democrat, he supports the President when he can. He noted his support of Obama’s Administration when it came to dealing with the revolution in Egypt, as well as his support of the military action in Libya. “It’s a mixed report card but I try to be supportive when I can,” said Graham.

He addressed the issue of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and said: “I’m very suspicious of their agenda. The things they say are very unnerving. Some of the things they do are helpful to the Egyptian people but their motives are very much in question.”

Despite the possible threat from the Muslim Brotherhood, Graham expressed optimism regarding Egypt.

“I don’t believe the young people, who went into the squares throughout Egypt and risked their lives, want to replace the current government with something more oppressive,” he said and added that it is imperative to build up opposition parties in Egypt since the Muslim Brotherhood is a reality and is a threat.

Graham called on the United States to take an active role in helping Egypt become a democracy. “It’s one thing to have an election,” he said, “but elections don’t mean anything if you don’t have the rule of law and basic economic justice. And I think our country, the United States, has a great opportunity to help the Egyptian people, and the best way to minimize the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood is to make sure you have a free, fair election where people participate.