Martelly Wins Haitian Presidency

Haiti gave over two thirds of the vote to a singer with no political experience whatsoever culminating an election process begun in November.

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Aryeh Ben Hayim , | updated: 8:36 AM

Michel Martelly
Michel Martelly
Israel news photo: Facebook

Barring legal challenges, Haiti's president-elect is the musician Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly -- a 50-year-old who has no experience in government, but is considered the king of Haitian carnival music. His trademark was wearing diapers and dropping his pants as part of his act. Hopefully his promise to provide free education and boost job opportunities for the unemployed is not an act.

Martelly almost did not make the run off where he received over two thirds of the vote. In the first round he finished third but his supporters claimed irregularities and the protest was upheld by the Organization of American States, which designated Martelly as the runner up. He beat Mirlande Manigat, 70, a law professor and former first lady.

While the second round could not be termed completely clean, Washington believed that things were as good as they could get and consoled itself, saying "that, while there were cases of irregularities and fraud on March 20, these cases were isolated and reduced, especially when compared to the first round of voting,"

Washington also praised the Haitian people for their "great perseverance [the first round was  in November] and patience throughout this process".

To compensate for his inexperience, Martelly promised to staff his government with experienced professionals.