New Israeli 360-Degree Camera

Israeli SimplyLive comes up with a new camera that can shoot videos at 360 degrees and allow any user to choose from which angle to view them.

Elad Benari and Yoni Kempinski , | updated: 5:47 AM

Yoni Kempinski

During last week’s International Tourism Conference in Jerusalem, Israel National News TV met the representatives of a company called SimplyLive, which has come up with a very unique camera: it can shoot videos with 360-degree capabilities.

“Our company has developed a new product called Video Surround,” explained SimplyLive’s CEO and Managing Director Robby Leon. “Our product enables the viewers to actually move 360 degrees and watch a video online, whether it’s on demand or live.”

The camera, explained Leon, is constantly filming the object and the viewer can choose to view the object from any angle whenever he wants.

“Different viewers can choose different angles simultaneously so they are basically not controlling the camera,” said Leon.

It should be noted that the invention is completely Israeli. “We are integrating U.S. technology; however, all the development for the integration of the player and of additional features are developed here in Israel,” emphasized Leon.