PA 'Proves' Israeli "Incitement"

Examples of Israeli "incitement" according to PA include praise of settlers and statements against the establishment of a PA state.

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Hillel Fendel , | updated: 3:06 PM

Abbas holding model of area he wants for Pal.
Abbas holding model of area he wants for Pal.
Israel news photo:

In response to the massacre of most of the Fogel family ten days ago, many calls were heard against the ongoing incitement against Israel in the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas and by its institutions

Possibly in response, the Palestine News and Information Agency (WAFA), for the first time, published this week the results of a survey monitoring what it calls “incitement and racism” in the Israeli media “against the Palestinians and Arabs.” The period surveyed was between March 6 and 11.

WAFA published nine examples of Israeli “incitement” – although not one of them fits the accepted definition of the term.

Its first example was a radio talk show praising the Jewish residents, in which an IDF officer was quoted as saying [sic], “who attacks and shoots at the Israeli army on a daily basis are Palestinians not settlers, and who sincerely serves in the Israeli army are settlers from Judea and Samaria.”

As an aspect of the “incitement against Palestinians,” WAFA noted that Israeli media coverage included much criticism of the violent IDF evacuation of the “illegal settlement 'Havat Gilad', while no crimes of the Israeli army against Palestinians is condemned or criticized.”

Israel, for its part, cites the various forms of official honor showed by the PA to murderous terrorists, such as naming summer camps and city squares after them. A “parallel” example by WAFA cites the public Israeli campaign calling to worsen the prison conditions of Hamas terrorists (as a method of pressuring Hamas to release captive soldier Gilad Shalit).

Yet another example of “Israeli incitement,” according to the PA, is the call to lower the volume on mosques’ midnight prayer calls in the Haifa area. “Residents of the areas sent a letter to Arab Knesset Members which said, ‘Please stop screaming in the middle of the day and night, it is inhuman,’” WAFA laments.

Another example cited by the PA agency is a statement in the press calling Jewish settlement activities “legal” and saying it is a “lie” to use the word “occupation” to describe Israel's control over Judea and Samaria.

The other examples are of the same ilk. They can be read here