Egypt's 'Million Women' 1,000

A Million Woman March held in Cairo on Tuesday never topped more than 1,000, and ended with two groups shouting at each other.

Chana Ya'ar , | updated: 3:53 PM

Egyptians on segregated Cairo bus
Egyptians on segregated Cairo bus
Israel news photo: Flash 90

This week's 'Million Woman March' held Tuesday in Cairo was not exactly a blazing success, although participants made their point.

The event, which began in Tahrir Square, never topped more than 1,000 participants -- including men, according to CNN.

Marchers called for “fair and equal opportunity for all Egyptian citizens – beyond gender, religion or class.”

But the march fizzled into a shouting match between groups promoting pro- and anti-feminist positions.

In calling for the demonstration, held on International Women's Day, organizers contended in a statement posted on Facebook, “The bodies of women, so often used as ideological battlegrounds, have withstood all kinds of police violence from tear gas to live bullets. The real battleground did not differentiate between women and men.”

Young anti-feminist male protesters chanted in response to the marchers, “Men are men and women are women and that will never change. Go home. That's where you belong!” The men repeatedly groped and fondled the female demonstrators, according to a report published in The Washington Post.

According to a survey in 2008 by the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights, 83 percent of Egyptian women and a whopping 98 percent of foreign women were sexually harassed.

During the protests in Tahrir Square that brought down the government of former President Hosni Mubarak, CBS reporter Lara Logan was sexually attacked. Other female journalists reported similar violence as well.