Ads Show Israel's Positive Side

As “constructive criticism” regarding Israel’s international PR efforts continues to reach new intensities, Ads4Israel is doing something about it.

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 3:12 PM

Israel news photo:

As “constructive criticism” regarding Israel’s PR efforts around the world continues to reach new highs and intensities, some concerned citizens are actually doing something about it.

Among many ventures to improve Israel’s image around the world is the Ads4Israel campaign. Though they can’t “fix the problem,” the organizers explain on the initiative’s website, “what we can do is share some important news about Israel with the world.”

A series of ads designed by Ads4Israel deigns to teach the international public about “Israel's many contributions to humanity, in areas such as combating disease, protecting the environment, developing alternative energy, fighting worldwide hunger, creating life-changing technologies, and so on.”

David Suissa, CEO of Suissa Miller Advertising in Los Angeles and a columnist for the Jewish Journal there, is behind the non-profit Ads4Israel organization. It is dedicated exclusively to producing and running the ads in mainstream newspapers, TV stations of major markets, and websites, helping to reach tens of millions of people with powerful statements about Israel's value to the world.

The ads are all designed in the same simple format: A short bold-font description of a device invented in Israel, a large Jewish Star drawn in the style of the invention, and a short conclusion reminding the reader that it is “just one of many contributions Israel has made to the world community in its first 60 years.”

Among the contributions cited in the ads are a wireless computer device enabling the partially paralyzed to walk, a security system that can interpret a dog’s bark, the software for bar code scanners used in stores all over the world, the first non-radiation, computer-aided diagnosis for breast cancer, stem cell therapy to treat Parkinson’s, drip irrigation, and more.