Crane Operator Wouldn't Evict

Police thought they were ready to evict Jews from a small town near Jerusalem, but forgot about the crane operator – who refused the job.

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 9:48 PM

Building in Adam
Building in Adam
Israel news photo: Yesha Council

Police thought they were prepared to evict Jews from their homes in the small town of Pnei Adam, north of Jerusalem. But they forgot one crucial detail – the moral values of the crane operator, who refused to cooperate even in the face of threats and financial loss.

The incident in question took place several days ago. The IDF Civil Administration and Border Police officers arrived in Pnei Adam with plans to forcibly evict Jews from a caravan.

A crane was ordered, and arrived at the scene ready to start work. However, when the operator spoke to residents of the town and realized he had been sent to destroy someone's home, he unequivocally refused the job.

“He said he was not going to cooperate with a crime like that,” recalled Avraham Reizman of Pnei Adam, who spoke to Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service. “He called his boss and got permission to go back to the office.”

The crane operator remained steadfast in his refusal, even as officers warned him that not only would he lose a day's work if he left, but would also be fined. “Obviously, he lost a day of work, and nobody paid him for that,” Reizman said.

In the future, Reizman declared, he plans to recommend the crane operator's employer, the Y.A. Gueta company in Tirat Yehudah, to residents of Judea and Samaria who need the services they offer.

Unfortunately, he added, the caravan's destruction was only postponed. “The Civil Administration was not stopped, they brought an Arab worker who seemed happy to carry out the task,” he said.