Danon: Barak Isn't PM!

MK Danny Danon joins calls for an inquiry into police brutality at Gilad Farm: "Nowhere else would we accept such a violent and brutal event."

Gabe Kahn. , | updated: 12:10 AM

Danny Danon
Danny Danon
Flash 90

In an interview with Israel National News on Wednesday, Likud MK Danny Danon said he has no doubt that had the violence employed by security forces at Gilad Farm been turned against Arab protesters, things would have looked very different the morning after. "If it would have happened in Lod, or the Negev, I have no doubt that the Regional Police Commander would have been sacked and the Defense Minister would be forced to resign. A red line has been crossed and I call on the Internal Security Minister to intervene personally in the affair."

MK Danon warned that, should the Israeli Government continue to give Defense Minister Ehud Barak the freedom to run things, we may get more painful incidents in the future. "Do not forsake our front lines, Barak! Citizens in Judea and Samaria are not second class. With all that is happening recently... [ the] Ariel artists boycott, freeze of construction activities, the security forces treating our brothers in Judea and Samaria differently... it crosses red lines. Nowhere else would we accept such a violent and brutal event as Gilad Farm."

Danon called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to take a firm grip on the reins of government. "It's very easy to complain to the rafters, but the Prime Minister has the responsibility on his shoulders. Defense Minister Barak must realize he is not Prime Minister. This is not the time of Rabin where it was to tell the settlers that they must go. This is a nationalist government! I call on the Minister of Public Security to investigate the matter. We intend to convene the Knesset Interior Committee to call the police commanders to give evidence and give answers about what happened to Gilad Farm. Do not shoot civilians at close range - if it had happened in the Arab sector it would not pass in silence."

Danon's comments come on the heels of hard questions about the propriety of force employed by Israeli security forces during the demolition of structures, including the home of a serving IDF soldier, at Gilad Farm. During the confrontation between police and residents police fired a pneumatic gun into the crowd causing numerous injuries. Danon is not alone in his calls for an investigation into what happened at Gilad Farm. Other MKs, including Zevulun Orlev and Michael Ben Ari expressed astonishment at the level of violence employed and called for the officers responsible to be brought to trial.