Bad Welcome to Israel by Police

Police arrested ninth graders, including a new immigrant, and hit a rabbi for protesting against police violence in destruction of Jewish homes.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 3:02 PM

Demonstrations Monday.
Demonstrations Monday.

Police Monday evening arrested ninth graders, including a new immigrant from Spain, and hit a rabbi, all of whom were at a protest against police violence in the destruction of Jewish homes at Gilad Farm (Chavat Gilad) early Monday morning.

One eyewitness said that police hit a rabbi who was only standing on the sidewalk at the entrance to Jerusalem. Police violently arrested approximately 10 young teenagers from the Mercaz HaRav High School in Jerusalem and three ninth graders from a school in Beit El, in Samaria.

The Spanish immigrant speaks broken Hebrew and his friends are afraid of his fate at the hands of police. They said that no one knows what has happened to him and the other youth who were arrested.

Besides the protests at the entrance to Jerusalem, Women in Green activists fanned out through Judea and Samaria at night and pasted hundreds of stickers that stated in Hebrew, “Bibi, in Chavat Gilad, you have shot yourself in the leg.”

Tuesday morning, the posters were in full view of motorists as nationalist leaders try to reawaken supporters who have become accustomed to demolitions and an erosion of former “red lines” in talks with the Palestinian Authority.

The residents of Chavat Gilad accused the police of opening fire with rubber bullets, wounding 15 people. As the incident reached the headlines of local media, the police categorically stated they did not shoot rubber bullets but only used paint guns.

Sign:Bibi, in Chavat Gilad You Have Shot Yourself in the Leg!

By Tuesday morning, the police admitted they shot rubber bullets, usually used only in cases of mass riots, but explained their employment was necessary because of stone throwing by Chavat Gilad residents.

Israeli mainstream media have denounced the resistance of residents at Chavat Gilad. Voice of Israel government radio interviewed Defense Minister Ehud Barak shortly after the demolitions but did not question him about the police violence.

Posters at Efrat:

And on Highway 60 south of Jerusalem:

And at signs to Herodion:




And on the separation barrier.