Video: The Truth about J Street

In response to the anti-Israel J Street conference, Republican Jewish Coalition releases a video showing the truth about the organization.

Elad Benari , | updated: 1:17 AM

Anti J-Street Film
Anti J-Street Film
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In response to the Swiss-funded J Street conference being held this week in Washington, the Republican Jewish Coalition (a national grassroots organization of Jewish Republicans) has put out a video presenting the truth about the supposedly pro-Israel J Street organization.

The video is entitled ‘The Mystery of J Street’ and it deals with the question of how J Street can say that it is a pro-Israel group when it continuously comes out against Israel.

The proof of J Street being anti-Israel, says the video, is in the fact that the organization attacks Israel for defending itself against terrorists, that it backs candidates who do not support Israel, and that it lies about accepting donations from George Soros.

The video then presents the facts: J Street has endorsed and is actively raising money for the ‘Gaza 54’ (a group of Congress members who wrote a letter calling for Washington to pressure Israel to end the Gaza blockade, while Hamas terrorists were firing rockets from Gaza and hitting innocent Israeli civilians). It also notes that J Street was caught lying and that it has indeed received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Soros.

Another fact presented by the video is that J Street co-founder Daniel Levy has called Israel’s creation “an act that was wrong.”

All these facts mean that J Street is no friend of Israel and that it does not reflect Jewish values, concludes the video.

The conference, which is being held through Tuesday, is being attended by three Israeli members of Knesset, from Labor and Kadima. Other MK's refused the invitation. US Ambassador Daniel Oren refused a J Street invitation to a previous conference.

Journalist David Bedein, director of the Israel Resource News Agency and The Center for Near East Policy Research, told Arutz Sheva last week that he had asked the MKs who are planning to take part in the conference how their Zionist stance goes along with taking part in such a conference. He noted that MK Daniel Ben Simon (Labor) responded by denying that J Street is anti-Israel, while MKs Nachman Shai and Shlomo Mulla (Kadima) did not respond at all.

“When you see that during this conference there will be a broad discussion on the boycott of Israel, when you see participants who clearly and blatantly support the Arab right of return and have expressed their regret that the state of Israel exists, when you see that UN officials who have criticized the very existence of Israel have been invited, this is crossing a red line,” said Bedein.