US-Lebanese Supported Hizbullah

A US-Lebanese national has been charged with supporting the Lebanon-based Hizbullah terrorist group, and extradited from Paraguay.

Chana Ya'ar , | updated: 11:15 AM

Hizbullah flag
Hizbullah flag
Israel news photo: Wikipedia

A dual U.S.-Lebanese citizen charged with supporting the Hizbullah terrorist organization has been extradited from Paraguay to Philadelphia.

U.S. officials have announced that 38-year-old Moussa Ali Hamdan appeared in court there over the weekend. He faces 28 counts on various charges, including conspiracy to provide funds to Hizbullah from the sale of counterfeit money and fake passports.

The federal prosecutor's office in Pennsylvania said in a statement that he was charged with providing “material support to Hizbullah, a designated foreign terrorist organization.”

If convicted on all charges, Ali Hamdan could face a sentence of up to 260 years in prison.

Diplomatic documents leaked by the WikiLeaks group made it clear the U.S. embassy in Chile was tracking fundraising efforts by the Lebanon-based terrorist group in Latin America.

Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay were named in the Islamist network under surveillance by the embassy.