Havat Gilad Goes Dark

No light at the small community in Shomron, where fuel for the generator ran out before a source of funding could be found.

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Israel National News Staff , | updated: 11:11 AM

Havat Gilad in Darkness
Havat Gilad in Darkness
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The community of Havat Gilad in the Shomron, established eight years ago by the Zar family as a memorial to their son and brother Gilad Zar, who was murdered by Arab terrorists, is again spending its nights without electricity and in total darkness.

The community is built on private land owned by Jews, but is considered an unauthorized outpost and as such is not connected to the main electric grid. As a result, electric power at Havat Gilad is provided by a fuel-powered generator which is very expensive to operate. 

According to a report on Monday, the small community has now grown to 30 families and the delay of being hooked up to a conventional electric source, coupled with the costs of running the generator, have become more than the community can manage on its own.

David Ha'ivri, director of the Shomron Liaison Office, told Israel National News that the fuel ran out on Monday evening before a source of funding could be found. The community members have begun to turning to their friends and supporters around the world to help them overcome this situation.

The community has also in the past been a victim of Arab violence. This past October, a large fire set by an Arab broke out at Havat Gilad. IDF Artillery Corps soldiers saw him fleeing the blazing field but did not succeed in apprehending him. The hot winds and high temperatures in the area caused the fire to spread, but firefighting forces managed to put it out before it reached the homes.

For more information on Havat Gilad and to contact its residents, visit its website.