Volunteer Jeeps for Special Kids

Jeep owners who volunteer in ZAKA emergency Jeep unit gathered to take children with special needs on a fun and exciting jeep ride. INN was there.

Yoni Kempinski , | updated: 08:55

Volunteer Jeeps
Volunteer Jeeps
Yoni Kempinski

Before the fire in the north became as severe and tragic as it did by early evening on Thursday, Jeep owners who are volunteers in the ZAKA emergency Jeep unit gathered with their 4x4s in the Ben Shemen forest near Modiin, between Jerusalem and Lod.

The jeeps were there to greet children of the "Mish'an La'marpeh" organization who came to participate in a special 4x4 ride. The children, who cope with physical and mental disabilities, were very excited to take part in the activity and the drivers as well seemed very uplifted.

Israel National News TV was there to show you one of the many beautiful, caring aspects of Israeli society.