Kosher Chanukah Music Fest Opens

The Or Ba'Heichal festival opened on the eve of Chanukah. Event is an alternative to shows that are innapropriate for the observant.

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Yoni Kempinski , | updated: 3:16 AM

Tair Theater on Stage
Tair Theater on Stage
Yoni Kempinski

Chanukah has become a festival of musicals and plays, especially for children who are on vacation in Israel; however, many of these performances are more influenced by western cultural trends and styles and less by Jewish values and tradition, many use language and costumes that do not suit families who wish to keep Jewish traditions.

The Tair Theater is holding its annual Or Ba'Heichal (Light in the Hall) Festival with highly professional performances and activities that are suitable for religious families, but also for secular families looking for higher standards of language and dress, and are full of Jewish content and atmosphere.

Israel National News TV attended the pre-Chanukah opening night which took place in the Ariel Cultural Center, an institute that has been banned by leftist actors due to its location in Samaria.