Fog Cancels Flights at Airport

27 incoming flights rerouted to Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt. Eight departures canceled.

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Gil Ronen , | updated: 10:28 AM

Airport (illustration)
Airport (illustration)

Due to heavy fog, at least 27 incoming flights that were supposed to land at Ben Gurion Airport Tuesday were rerouted to airports in neighboring countries: Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt.

Eight flights that were scheduled to depart Ben Gurion were canceled. Thousands of passengers were stuck in the airport as of 10:00 AM, in the hope that fog would lift soon. Meteorologists said that the fog would probably dissipate by the late morning.

At Tel Aviv's Sde Dov Airfield, an improvement in conditions led to a renewal of takeoffs but not of landings.

The weather forecast calls for partly cloudy conditions later in the day, with a drop in temperatures. There could be local rain showers and a few thunderstorms, mostly in southern and eastern Israel. Flooding may occur in southern and eastern Israel.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy and temperatures are expected to drop further. Temperatures are expected to rise slightly on Friday.