Israel's High Quality Satellite

IAI presents OptSat 3000 - the third generation of optical observation satellite. Here's looking at you, Ahmadinejad!

Yoni Kempinski , | updated: 8:26 AM

Optsat 3000
Optsat 3000

OptSat 3000 is one of many technologies and developments presented at Israel's Second Annual International Aerospace Exhibition & Conference, which is taking place in Jerusalem this week.

Developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Optsat 3000 is a three axis stabilized, autonomous satellite, designed according to a low weight, low power, and high reliability concept. Officials at IAI report that the satellite features "high geolocation accuracy and an amazing weight to performance ratio." The Optsat 3000 offers "simultaneous panchromatic and multi-spectral imaging capability, high image quality and high agility - the low weight and compact dimensions of the satellite also result in low inertia, allowing for high agility, which enables achieving a very high number of images, widely spread, in one satellite pass." The satellite is designed for a mission life of more than six years. reported that "OptSat 3000 represents the third generation of optical observation satellites developed by IAI/MBT. The spacecraft is based on a small multi-purpose generic platform which is common with TECSAR radar observation satellite. The generic platform can accommodate a variety of payloads. OptSat 3000 is the follow-on for proven Ofeq observation satellites."

In the following video, Israel National News TV speaks with Yehiel Shalev, head of IAI's Space Division Military Satellite Dept.