Temple Mount Prayer for Rain

Students from Kiryat Arba High School Yeshiva prayed for rain while Chief Rabbi Amar told Israelis to do good deeds so as to merit rain.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 10:39 PM

Touring the Mount
Touring the Mount
Israel news photo: Temple Mount Heritage Fund

Twenty-five students from the Kiryat Arba High School Yeshiva prayed for rain at the Temple Mount Monday together with their rabbi, Rabbi Micha Perl. They recited the Ve'anenu Borei Olam prayer, which is a text that Ashkenazi Jews add to the Shmoneh Esreh standing prayer when rains fail to fall, and the Chief Rabbinate instructed Tuesday that the prayer be added everywhere.

The continued dry, hot weather during the period which should be well into the rainy season has farmers worried and rabbis conducting special prayers for rain with congregants and yeshiva students.

Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi, asked people to do more acts of loving kindness and pray with special fervor to convince the Almighty that Israel deserves the much needed rainfall.  His words were a  reference to the chapter in Deuternomy, said as part of the Shema prayer three times daily, which states that as opposed to other countries, Israel's rainfall  depends on the Jewish people's deeds. 

The students also prayed for the release of Jonathan Pollard and kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

The ascent of the 25 yeshiva students is part of a series of such ascents that are being held in the memory of Yitzchak and Talia Imes, who were two of the four people murdered in a savage attack by Palestinian Authority terrorists on August 31.
Last week, 60 students from the Susiya Yeshiva ascended to the Mount
Both groups were guided by Yehudah Glick, Chairman of the Temple Mount Heritage Fund. They read Psalms throughout the tour of the Mount, and prayed that soon Jews will be able to take part in religious rites in the rebuilt Temple. 
Photo: Temple Mount Heritage Fund