Again: 'Jewish Arson' Libel

Arab libel regarding supposed Jewish attacks on their trees spread worldwide by French agency.

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Gil Ronen , | updated: 6:24 PM

Anarchist-Arab arson (7/11/10)
Anarchist-Arab arson (7/11/10)

Arabs succeeded in spreading propaganda regarding supposed Jewish arson for the umpteenth time Monday, when AFP carried a report that said that Jewish residents of Samaria burned about 200 Arab olive trees on Sunday and torched surrounding grazing land.

AFP quoted a spokesman for the Arab village of Salem who alleged that the attackers were seen heading in the direction of nearby Elon Moreh after setting fire to the trees on land owned by residents of Salem. 
A military spokesman said no complaint against the Jewish residents had been made and that troops on the scene were treating the incident "as a fire, not arson" after unseasonably hot and dry weather.
Settler spokesman David Haivri said Arab farmers themselves had been burning dead wood. "After checking with local security and leaders of the town of Elon Moreh, no unusual events were recorded today in the area," he said.
“In real life there are just so many times you can squeeze a lemon,” he added. “But apparently, the international media have no limitations on re-using unverified claims of violence if it can hurt the image of the Jewish residents of Yehuda and Shomron.”
“Foreign political NGOs have, over the past two and a half months, orchestrated a well-planned and well-funded media campaign to portray the Jews here as a bunch of vandals. So far they have provided no evidence that backs up the claims that Jews caused any of the said damage. Meanwhile, left wing activist and Arab provocateurs have been caught burning their own trees."