Hamas: 96-Year-Old Jews OK

Senior Hamas official in Gaza says Jews who lived in 'Palestine' before World War I will be allowed to live in the future PA state.

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Gil Ronen , | updated: 6:32 PM

Israel news photo: israelpalestine-speedy.blo

Only Jews who lived in 'Palestine' (as Arabs call the Land of Israel) before World War I will be allowed to live in the future Islamic 'Palestinian' state, a senior Hamas official said in an interview published Thursday. This would mean that no Jews aged currently under 96 would qualify for living in that state, regardless of where they are from.

The interviewer for pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayyat asked terrorist official Haleel Al-Haya if Hamas wants Gaza to become an Islamic emirate. Al-Haya answered in the negative and explained that Gaza will be part of a future state of Palestine, "between the [Mediterranean] Sea and the [Jordan] River." 
“We have faith in our Islamic, Arab and Palestinian belief that Palestine will be returned to its inhabitants and that the Zionist existence will end,” he stated. "The meaning of a Palestinian state is that there will be one united state, an Islamic Palestine... that will unite the Palestinians. The Jews will have no rights in it, except those who lived on the land of Palestine before World War I.”
Al-Haya also said that Iranian support for Hamas is not complicated by the fact that Iranians belong to the Shiite stream of Islam, while Gazans are from the competing Sunni stream. “We told [the Iranians] in the clearest manner that we will not agree under any condition for the Shi'ite stream to enter our land,” he stressed.