Israeli Unmanned Combat Vehicle

The AvantGaurd Unmanned Vehicle, which was developed in Israel, can carry out dangerous combat asignements without endangering forces

Yoni Kempinski , | updated: 10:20 AM


The bi-annual Robotics Conference is taking place in Herzliya, and Israel National News TV was there to meet the developers of the AvantGuard Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (UGCV). It is a jeep-like robot that takes the place of human soldiers in testing out dangerous territory.

The AvantGuard, which has been already trialed and certified by the Israeli army, features superb maneuverability while operating in harsh terrain environments.

The developers of the UGCV explain that by employing a set of modular payloads and utilizing its inherent endurance, the AvantGuard can be effectively deployed in a variety of combat missions, including advance guard, armed sentry, combat logistic support, and more.
The AvantGuard is controlled by mobile or portable Operational Control Unit. It can also operate in a Follow-Me mode, autonomously trailing a Guide foot soldier or Guide vehicle.