J'lem Terror Plaque?

Legal Forum to authorities: remove memorial plaque honoring terrorist who attacked security guard in Shiloach.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 5:48 PM

Terror plaque.
Terror plaque.
Legal Forum for the Land of Israel


Arabs in Shiloach near the City of David have put up a stone memorial plaque honoring a terrorist who was killed when he took part in an ambush of a Jewish security guard in the early morning hours of September 22.   
The plaque is located near the scene of the attack and includes a portrait of the terrorist, as well as a map of Israel and the symbol of terror group Fatah.
Attorney Yitzchak Bam of the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel wrote a letter to the Minister of Interior and to the Israel Police Sunday in which he noted that the plaque was set up at the place where the terrorist was killed, which is not the site where he was buried. Therefore, the plaque constitutes an illegal memorial for a terrorist as defined by a law from 1988.
In addition, Bam wrote, the presence of the symbol of Fatah constitutes identification with a terror organization, in further defiance of the law. 
He demanded that the plaque be removed.
The slain Arab was part of a team of three who set up an ambush for the Jewish guard. They blocked the road with garbage carts and waited for the security guard to drive up. They then began throwing rocks at him, and the car’s engine died. The guard fired warning shots but the gang continued approaching him, one of them brandishing a knife. Fearing for his life, the security fired at them, mortally wounding one of them in the stomach. The dead attacker, age 32, was later discovered to be carrying three knives, and police identified him as having been involved in previous riots.