Hi-Tech Holy Letters in Tzfat

A mega-million dollar center has opened a window to the ancient past in Tzfat to help people understand the ancient art of the Jewish scribe.

Chana Ya'ar , | updated: 15:48

Holy Letters of the Torah
Holy Letters of the Torah
Israel news photo: courtesy of Lubavitch.com

A mega-million dollar visitor’s center in Tzfat has opened a new window to the ancient past for those who want to understand the ancient art of the Jewish scribe.

Otzar HaSTam has so far attracted some 13,500 international visitors, according to Lubavitch.com, and more are streaming in every day.

The interactive center, located in what is arguably the most mystical Jewish city in the world, offers one a hi-tech illumination of Jewish calligraphy.

Special insights into the meaning of the letters and the underlying significance of the calligraphy of the Hebrew alphabet, as well as a visual primer on the preparation of Torah scrolls, tefillin (phylacteries) and mezuzahs, are all part of the experience.

The only one of its kind, according to Chabad-Lubavitch spokesperson Rivky Kaplan, the center has received numerous requests to replicate the model from various cities around the world.

Numerous politicians and other notables, including government officials ranging from Members of Knesset as well as others from abroad, have made it a point to visit the center. Tours are offered in English, Hebrew and Russian.

(Israel news photo: all photos courtesy of Lubavitch.com)