New Technology for IDF Soldiers

New up-to-date device with a touch screen and map will allow IDF commanders to excel during battle.

Elad Benari , | updated: 9:07 AM

IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A new advanced system will assist IDF soldiers to better manage the battlefield.

The IDF magazine Bamahane reported that the Infantry C2 (Command and Control) System has recently become operational in one of the Golani Brigade’s battalions, and will be integrated in all the brigade’s battalions in the coming month.

The advanced C2 system will be distributed to those who are company commanders and higher. It will be attached to the vest of the commanders’ communications operator. Each commander will carry a touch screen and a special eyepiece, and he will be able to use this equipment to plan the operational mission and get an updated picture of the battlefield.

The device was developed by Elbit Systems and has similar abilities to those of APCs, tanks and artillery control systems. While managing a battle, the commander will receive an updated snapshot of both IDF and enemy forces deployed throughout the area. This will be shown on a virtual map of the field, with the commander having the ability to zoom in and out. The system also has a GPS which will assist commanders during navigation. Unlike normal GPS systems, this one will determine how to direct a commander to his target even in urban warfare conditions without satellite reception.

The system will be integrated to the remainder of infantry units next year. The compact system weighs only five kilograms, lighter than a Sony Playstation.

“For the first time, the world of infantry will have a control system that goes down to the field and enables the commander to control his forces and progress with them simultaneously”, a Ground Forces officer told Bamahane.