Poll: America Supports Israel

A poll conducted by McLaughlin and Associates finds that most Americans support Israel, reject Obama's pressure.

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 11:13 PM

American and Israeli flags
American and Israeli flags
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons

A poll conducted by McLaughlin and Associates has found that the majority of American adults support Israel, and oppose U.S. President Barack Obama's Middle East Policy. While a majority of just over 50% expressed approval of Obama's work in office, more expressed disapproval than approval of his handling of American-Israel relations.

Those polled expressed support for Israeli positions. 50.9% said Jerusalem should remain Israel's undivided capital, compared to just 20.4% who disagreed. 77.9% said that Palestinian Authority leaders should recognize Israel as the Jewish state, compared to just 6% who said they should not.

A majority of 57.2% said Arab terrorism and denial of Israel's right to exist is primarily responsible for the Arab-Israeli conflict, while just 12.2% cited Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria as responsible for the conflict.

More Americans felt a PA state would increase problems in the Middle East than felt a PA state would be a solution. 25.5% said that if a PA state were created, terrorism against Israel would increase, while 18.7% said terror would decrease and 41.2% said it would remain unchanged.

22.1% said the creation of a PA state would increase anti-American sentiment in the Arab world. 15.7% said a PA state would decrease anti-American sentiment, and 50.2% said anti-American sentiment would be unchanged.

51.6% agreed that Obama has been less friendly to Israel than previous presidents, while 35.4% disagreed. 54.4% said they disagree with Obama's policy of publicly criticizing Israel and not the PA, while 27% agree with Obama's actions.

46.5% said they believe Obama's attempt to reach out to the Muslim world has left America less secure, while 33.1% said they believe America is now more secure.

A candidate's image as pro-Israel or anti-Israel could affect elections, the poll found. 52.7% said they were more likely to vote for a candidate they perceive as pro-Israel, while 24% said they are less likely to vote for someone pro-Israel. 53.6% said they would not vote for an anti-Israel candidate even if they agreed with them on other issues, while just 31.6% said they would.

Another finding was a strong concern that America could be the target if Iran obtained nuclear weapons. 49.8% said Iran is at least somewhat likely to attack America if it develops nuclear weapons, while a smaller number, 45.4%, termed such a scenario unlikely.

59.8% expressed support for destroying Iran's nuclear facilities in order to prevent the creation of a nuclear weapon, if sanctions fail.