Likud Members to Help Save Yovel

Days before an expected High Court decision regarding proposed demolition of 12 homes, Eli residents get a boost from Likud visitors.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 8:29 PM

Yovel neighborhood (file)
Yovel neighborhood (file)
Flash 90

 Hundreds of members of the Likud party paid a visit Sunday to the Yovel neighborhood in the town of Eli in Samaria, in an expression of solidarity with the neighborhood. A High Court panel headed by Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch instructed the government to provide a schedule for the demolition of twelve houses in Yovel following a petition by the leftist group Peace Now. 

About 500 Likud members from all over Israel stopped over at Eli en route to the event at Revava marking the end of the construction freeze. They voiced their support for the residents at Eli who await a final court decision in their case in the coming days. 
Among the homes slated for demolition are those of Major Roi Klein, who was killed in the Second Lebanon War, and Major Eliraz Peretz, who was killed fighting terrorists in Gaza in March 2009. This added factor makes the issue especially emotional and would make a decision to raze the homes exceedingly hard for the Israeli public to bear.
The residents of Yovel claim that the only thing preventing the complete legalization of the 12 disputed homes is written approval from Defense Minister Ehud Barak – which, they maintain, he is withholding for political reasons.  
Likud members pledged to hold the ministers and MKs of the Likud to their promise to legalize the 12 homes in Yovel, as well as six other homes at Haresha that are scheduled to be torn down.
In recent years, "Lawfare" has become the weapon of leftist groups who found that their demonstrations attract few supporters, but that the Supreme Court venue grants them public exposure and the possibility of having Jewish homes, built with government help, destroyed when final legalization has been delayed.