Gaza Film Shows Israel Destroyed

A Gaza filmmaker presents the destruction of Israel, including the demolition of the Supreme Court and Hurva synagogue.

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 9:15 PM

Destroying Israeli products (archive)
Destroying Israeli products (archive)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Gaza filmmakers Mohammed al-Amrity and Ayman Hijazi have released a film that portrays, in detail, the takeover of Israel by Arab Muslims and the destruction of vital Israel and Jewish institutions. The film is titled “The Great Liberation.”

In one scene, Arabs are depicted blowing up the Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem, which was recently rebuilt after being destroyed twice before, the second time in 1948 by the invading Jordanian army.

Other scenes show Arabs flying the PLO flag over Tel Aviv, destroying the Bank of Israel, and blowing up the Supreme Court. An Arab presenter is shown reading the news in the Channel 2 studio.

Amrity said the film, which he calls “a gift to the people of the Gaza Strip,” was based in a dream he had. Amrity claims descent from a family that once lived in a village adjacent to what is now Tel Aviv.

Parts of the movie have been posted on YouTube. Amrity said he and Hijazi are seeking an Arab broadcaster interested in showing the entire film.

A second recently-released film, Budrus, purports to show Fatah and Hamas cooperating to engage in non-violent protest against the Judea and Samaria separation wall. The village of Budrus lies immediately to the east of the wall, and villagers have complained that the wall runs through their olive groves. The affected trees were uprooted and replanted elsewhere in the village by the IDF several years ago, but protests have continued.

The filmmakers, Julia Bacha and Ronit Avni, show interviews with soldiers, PA Arabs, and far-left Israeli protesters who join residents of Budrus in their demonstrations.

While the movie promotes Budrus as an example of non-violent protest, the village has on occasion been the scene of violent clashes between rock-throwing PA Arabs and IDF soldiers armed with rubber bullets.