Booth Slams Brother-in-Law Blair

British pro-Arab journalist Lauren Booth slams brother-in-law and Quartet Mideast envoy Tony Blair for "fear of political Islam" and pro-Zionism.

Chana Ya'ar , | updated: 1:09 PM

Lauren Booth in Gaza
Lauren Booth in Gaza
Israel news photo: Flash 90

British pro-Palestinian Authority journalist Lauren Booth was especially sardonic over the weekend in a blog entry she posted in which she slammed her brother-in-law, Quartet Mideast envoy Tony Blair, on the Intifada Voice of Palestine website.

The post, nominally to mark the passage of “Al Quds Day” was allegedly written from Iran, where Booth said she had attended a protest in Tehran. The event, she explained, was held to “protest against Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine, including the Holy city of Jerusalem.”

Asking whether Blair had ever heard of Al Quds Day, Booth also took a swing at American Christians who support the State of Israel.

“It is after all your very worst nightmare right? It must be horrifying with the 'world view,' you express in your memoirs to watch scenes on the BBC news showing the precise meeting point of politics and Islam.

“Personally I've never understood this fear of 'political Islam,'” she continued, adding, “it seems to me that religious people should always be educated on world events rather kept in ignorance like say, Mid West (sic) Christian Zionists in the US who can't even find their home city on a map of their state.”

Booth accused her brother-in-law of “blatant swallowing” of the Israeli narrative regarding “Palestine and its people,” and charged Israel with ethnic cleansing of the Arab population and “degredation (sic) of those who remain.”

She inexplicably also tied the fate of Gaza's Muslim population with that of the residents of Iran and Lebanon.

Booth, who sailed with one of the first the 'Free Gaza' ships that had attempted to break Israel's maritime blockade of the region, ranted that she has sat with “dozens and dozens of Muslim families” of children who have been “burned by Israeli/US phosphorous bombs.”

She also claimed those same “dozens and dozens” are “still suffering hunger due to the Israel siege of Gaza,” but then went on to list “those who have lived through the early days of sanctions against Iran when they needed food vouchers just to live.”

Hundreds of thousands of tons of food stuffs, medical equipment and other humanitarian aid and supplies have made their way through Israel's crossing with Gaza into the region each week.

When aid brought by a flotilla on May 31 was intercepted by Israel and forced to dock for inspection in Ashdod before being shipped overland to the region, Gaza's Hamas rulers actually rejected the delivery – an event Booth omitted from her rant.

Next on her list was a harangue about “Israeli land theft of 'Shebas Farm', which she called “part of an attack on Lebanese life as a while by it's (sic) heavily armed aggressive neighbor.”

Finally, Booth praised the Iranians with whom she demonstrated, characterizing them as “kind, friendly, full of good humor.”