Ketzaleh Blasts Netanyahu

National Union leader warns: The Jewish people will never forget Netanyahu's edict that 350,000 Jews may not build homes.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 6:11 PM

Israel news photo (file)

MK Yaakov (Ketzaleh) Katz sent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu an unforgiving message upon the beginning of “peace talks” in Washington. The two terror attacks this week that left five dead (including an unborn baby in its ninth month of development) and two wounded would not have occurred, he said, were it not for 'gestures' made to the Palestinian Authority, and restrictions placed on Jewish construction.

"This is the first time in Jewish history that a Jewish leader in the Land of Israel – with the exception of Herod and the like – issued an edict that Jews may not build. There were only non-Jewish leaders who issued such decrees – Romans, Greeks, Seljuks and Mameluks – but never did it occur that a Jew issued a decree barring Jews from building only because they are Jews. Not even under Rabin, Barak, Sharon and Olmert.”

"When you issue such decrees,” Ketzaleh explained, “it is a small wonder that the Arabs understand this as meaning that since we belong to the unclean caste, the despised caste, the discriminated-against caste – then it is alright to fire at us on the roads.”

"Jewish history will not forgive and will not forget,” Katz said. “The Jewish people does not forget... It is very sensitive to its rights and to the decrees made against it. It does not forget the European expulsions, it does not forget the expulsion at Gush Katif by Ariel Sharon, it will not forget the decrees by Olmert at Amona, and it will never, never, never forget what Netanyahu did with the edict that 350,000 Jews must not build.”

Netanyahu's declaration that he is willing to compromise over the Jews' land is contrary to statements made Jewish leaders over the millennia, Katz said. Citing ancient leaders Shimon the Hashmonean, Judah the Maccabee, Samson, Gideon the Judge and Shamgar son of Anat, as well as modern day pioneers and leaders such as Yitzchak Tebenkin, Theodore Herzl, David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Yitzchak Shamir – Katz explained that Netanyahu would not be remembered along with them, but would be placed by future historians alongside Sharon and Olmert.