PA TV to Children: Fight Israel

The PA ignores Obama’s call for halting incitement. A TV show this month featured children’s learning from Fatah to be “combatants against Israel.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 12:08 AM

We will be Combatants
We will be Combatants

Palestinian Authority TV this month aired an interview with a child praising a Fatah conference teaching children to be "combatants” against Israel. U.S. President Barack Obama recently asked PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to honor a years-old commitment to halt incitement against Israel.

The latest episode in incitement involves both PA television and the Fatah party, headed by Abbas. The television program showed children’s reactions to a Fatah conference, even though it was held a year ago. The program was telecast July 8 and July 15, and the transcript was translated by Palestinian Media Watch.

"I came here following the conference elections,” a child told the interviewer. “I hope that there will be more conferences like the Sixth Fatah Conference [in August 2009]. These conferences are important for us because it makes us aware of leadership and that we will be combatants and wage resistance against the Israelis." The term “resistance” is the Arab code word for violence and terrorist attacks.

PMW originally reported on the Fatah Conference last year and noted that while the Fatah charter still calls for Israel's destruction, the English version has been removed from its website while the Arabic version remains.