‘Israeli Spy Escapes Lebanon’

One of the four alleged "Telecom” spies for Israel has escaped to Israel from Lebanon, according to a Beirut newspaper.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 11:20 AM

Israel news photo: file

One of the four alleged "Telecom” spies has escaped to Israel from Lebanon, according to the Beirut An Nahar newspaper. The man, whose identity was not revealed, reportedly fled though the “Kilo 9” crossing gate in southern Lebanon two days ago. Israel has not commented on the alleged spy ring.

Sources told An Nahar that the Lebanese interior minister, security forces and intelligent agents are providing information on the incident, which will be forwarded to Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri.

The reported escape also disclosed the political power of Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, whose terrorist organization has been an increasingly dominant force in the government.

Shortly after Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s speech on Friday, Interior Minister Ziad Baroud received information from the intelligence agents concerning alleged spy Charbel Qazzi, considered by Lebanon to be the most important suspect in the alleged ring.

“Did the Information Branch have data about spy Charbel Qazzi before he was arrested by the Intelligence Directorate?" Nasrallah asked. He answered his own question by stating, "I don't want answers because I already have them.”

Nasrallah called for sentencing the ring to death, as allowed under Lebanese law if their actions contributed to deaths during the Second Lebanon War. Nasrallah charged, “It has become clear without a shadow of a doubt that Israel completely controls all telecommunication networks in Lebanon.

"When the Israelis waged the war in 2006, they believed that everything related to the Telecoms was under their control. Israel did not attack the mobile phone operating companies because it controls them and it was shocked at the strength of Hizbullah’s leadership correlation.

"The agents and spies working for the Israeli enemy played a major role before the war because they provided the enemy with a list of targets. Following the war, the spies had to refill the target bank of the Israeli enemy after it became empty."