Technology from Katif and Space

Katif Labs keep Kosher, insect-free, vegetables free of pesticides and use space-tech to examine plants' usage of water

Yoni Kempinski , | updated: 11:17 PM

Special Technology by Katif Labs
Special Technology by Katif Labs
Yoni Kempinski
At the annual CleanTech Expo in Tel Aviv, Arutz Sheva TV met the head of the Katif Center Laboratories who presented technology developed in Gush Katif – the Jewish communities of Gaza that were evicted by the Israeli government in 2005.
The Katif Center Laboratories presented two innovations: technology to prevent any remains of pesticides from being left on vegetables which are grown in "insect-free" hothouses, and a machine that can examine the level of efficiency of a plant's usage of water.
The second innovation was developed from space-related technology brought to the laboratories by an immigrant to Israel who had developed the technology for space travel purposes.