Border Police Hit by Terrorist

A terrorist tried to kill two border policemen in Jerusalem Friday afternoon by running them over. They were lightly hurt.

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Rachel Sylvetsky , | updated: 3:28 PM

/al aksa riots sm.jpg
/al aksa riots sm.jpg
Israel news photo
Jerusalem was the scene of a miracle on Friday afternoon when a terrorist attempted to run over two border policemen in the Wadi Joz neighborhood, close to the Old City Walls. Other members of the border police force that were at the scene shot and critically wounded the driver as he tried to escape. The two policemen were lightly injured and received medical treatment on the spot.

There have been successful attempts to run over Israeli citizens in Jerusalem in the not too distant past. On July 2, 2008, an Arab tractor driver killed three and wounded 45. On July 23rd, the Arab driver of a bulldozer at a construction site, injured 23 people when he went on a murderous rampage. On May 3, 2009, a tractor driver attempting to run people over on a main street injured two policemen. In each case, bystanders and police shot the drivers..

In other news, Palestinians and radical left activists are rioting against the security wall at Na'alin, Bil'in and Neve Tsuf in the Binyamin region as they have done every week for some time. Some of them are throwing rocks at IDF soldiers who are responding with riot dispersal tactics when necessary. Tens of Arabs are demonstrating, non violently so far, near the community of Beit El in Binyamin, waving PA flags. Friday afternoon is often the time of recurring violence and demonstrations.