Goodbye to 96-Octane Petrol

Ministers meet to discuss fuel, agree to get rid of 96-octane petrol and seek flex fuel vehicles and non-gas alternatives.

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 8:06 PM

Pumping gasoline
Pumping gasoline
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The upcoming month may be the last for 96-octane petrol in Israel. National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau met Sunday with Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz to discuss fuel and other issues, and decided together to remove the high-octane fuel from the list of standard fuels.

By May 10, the Ministry of Transportation will consolidate its stance on the creation of a universal at-pump automated billing system for corporate fleets, which could be used at all stations. Currently, each at-pump automated billing system only works with a particular chain of gas stations.

The two ministers talked about alternative fuels, and ways in which Israel can decrease its dependence on gasoline. It was agreed that ministerial staff will meet with car manufacturers to discuss the possibility of creating and marketing flex-fuel vehicles – vehicles which can use either gasoline, alternative fuels, or a mix of the two.

Transportation Ministry staff said they believe they can get initial estimates from car manufacturers within three months.

Landau linked the need for new forms of fuel with global security issues. “Israel must make every effort to find alternatives to gasoline, in order to reduce worldwide dependence... It is crucial for fighting terrorism by taking away its financial base,” he explained.

Landau and Katz also discussed a long-term plan to put vital infrastructure such as power lines and sewage pipes in tunnels built under new roads. An inter-ministerial committee will discuss the matter further.