Google's First Israel Purchase

Google's first Israel acquisition has already created useful tools for iGoogle and Apple's iPhone.

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Malkah Fleisher , | updated: 7:42 AM

Google Israel Logo
Google Israel Logo

Internet search giant Google has made its first ever acquisition in Israel, purchasing Israeli start-up Labpixies for $25 million. 

Labpixies specializes in personalized websites and mobile gadgets such as calendars, checklists, games, and news and weatherfeeds.

Google launched a research and development center in Israel in 2005, and runs a Hebrew-language version of its powerful search engine. Labpixies was founded in 2006, and employs 10 people.

Labpixies was one of the first companies to create gadgets for iGoogle and for Apple's iPhone.  Google will utilize its acquisition to strengthen iGoogle and to create more cloud-based applications for global users.

Pictured above, from right: Oded Puntash and Ran Ben-Yair of Labpixies, Prof. Yossi Mattias of Google Israel, and Udi Graf and Nir Tzemach of Labpixies. Photo by Niv Kantor.