Clinton: Israel has US Support

US Secretary of State Clinton congratulates Israel for its upcoming Independence Day, promises unwavering support, pushes for “recognized borders.”

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 12:26 PM

Clinton, Netanyahu
Clinton, Netanyahu
Israel news photo: Flash 90

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent Israel a message of congratulations Sunday in honor of Independence Day. Clinton promised support for Israel, while pushing for “peace and recognized borders.”

U.S. President Harry Truman took only 11 minutes to recognize the state of Israel in 1948, Clinton noted. “And ever since,” she said, “the United States has stood with you in solidarity.”

"I have a deep personal commitment to Israel. And so does President Obama,” Clinton said. “Our nation will not waver in protecting Israel's security and promoting Israel's future.” The secretary of state also referenced Israel and America's “strategic partnership, our shared values, and our common aspirations.”

Clinton used the opportunity to remind Israel of the Obama administration's hopes for Israel-Arab negotiations. “We believe it is possible – indeed necessary – to achieve a comprehensive peace in the Middle East,” she said.

Pursuing “peace and recognized borders” for Israel is one of the administration's top priorities, Clinton noted.

The message of support follows several weeks in which Clinton has been publicly critical of Israeli policy, and has repeatedly called to end construction of housing for Jews in Jerusalem. Last week Clinton called again to end “settlement activity” in Jerusalem, and told Israel to do more to strengthen the Palestinian Authority.