EU Trains Israeli Journalists

The EU is training Israeli journalists to support the Saudi Peace Plan that would see Israel become a majority-Arab state, reporter says.

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 11:09 PM

Israeli media trained to support Saudi views?
Israeli media trained to support Saudi views?
Israel news photo: file

The European Union is training Israeli journalists to support the Saudi Peace Plan – a plan that would see Israel become a majority-Arab state, investigative journalists from the News1 site reported Sunday.

The EU has created an 18-month “educational seminar” for Israeli reporters and editors, with a declared focus on the need to promote Middle East peace initiatives in general, and the Saudi Plan in particular. EU officials hope to draw 60 participants: 40 reporters and 20 radio and television editors.

The program will cost roughly 30,000 shekels (6,000 euro) per participant. Individual journalists will pay only 100 euro for the course. In total, the course's backers are expected to invest 1.8 million shekels (360,000 euro) in the project.

Participants will take part in virtual meetings, independent and group research, article writing and joint projects. There will be meetings with Arab Israeli journalists, and two eight-day, binational seminars in Turkey.

The project is sponsored by the Neve Shalom School in the Israeli Arab "peace village" by the same name and by the Palestinian Authority-based Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (CCRR), according to News1. Neve Shalom is already working with several Israeli media figures, among them Yediot Aharonot writer Smadar Peri and Channel 10 anchorwoman Oshrat Kotler.

The Saudi Peace Plan calls on Israel to cede all territory east of the 1949 armistice line, including the Old City of Jerusalem, to the Palestinian Authority. These are the borders that the late Abba Eban, Israel's UN delegate during the period prior to the Six Day War when the Arab states blockaded and threatened to destroy Israel , called "Auschwitz borders" because they were indefensible. 

It also calls on Israel to accept several million foreign Arabs, those who claim descent from the several hundred thousand Arabs who fled Israel when promised by Arab leaders that they would return after decimating the Jews during the War of Independence, as citizens – effectively making Israel an Arab state.

In return, the Arab world would agree to normalize relations with Israel.

This report comes soon after it was disclosed that the NIF has been training Israeli lawyers and future judges for judicial activism.