PM to Join Obama Nuke Summit

Prime Minister will shelve any hard feelings he has after his last visit to Washington, and take part on US-sponsored world nuclear summit.

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PM Netanyahu
PM Netanyahu
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will ignore any hard feelings he may have after his last visit to Washington, and take part in a world nuclear summit being convened by US President Barack Obama next week. Netanyahu's bureau announced Tuesday that he would be flying to Washington Monday, immediately after participating in an official ceremony marking the Memorial Day for the Holocaust and the Courage of the Jewish People.

Netanyahu will be accompanied by Dr. Shaul Horev, Director of Israel's Atomic Energy Committee, and Dr. Uzi Arad, his National Security Adviser. He will likely not meet Obama outside of the summit.

The decision to fly to Washington was not an easy one for Netanyahu, who was humiliated by the US President in his recent visit. According to some analysts, Obama believes that by publicly denigrating the Prime Minister he can cause a rupture in his ruling coalition or force Israel to make far-reaching concessions to its Arab neighbors.

Four objectives
The nuclear summit will host representatives from about 40 countries. According to Henry Sokolski, Executive Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, Obama is attempting to achieve the vision that he laid out in his speech in Prague one year ago.

“In that speech he laid out four general objectives,” Sokolski told “One was to reduce the number of nuclear weapons systems in the world and reduce the likelihood of their use. The second was to reduce or eliminate the prospect of any further nuclear testing. The third was to stop any further production of nuclear materials that could be used directly to make weapons. And fourth, he made a number of recommendations that he thought would strengthen the rules against the further spread of nuclear weapons capabilities, technologies, and materials.”

The summit does not include Iran, which has said it intends to host its own nuclear summit this month.