Carjackings Spread to Galilee

'Ofer' warns Israeli drivers about dangers of carjacking following an attack on his parents. Almost-victims demand police action.

Maayana Miskin, | updated: 10:47

Israel news photo: file

Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria have reported attempted carjackings by Palestinian Authority residents in recent months. Now, several Israeli drivers from the Galilee have reported similar incidents. Ofer [not his real name], the son of a driver who was almost attacked, spoke to Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service about the phenomenon.

Ofer explained that the incident involving his parents took place as they were heading home to the Netanya area. As they exited Highway 6, they saw a car parked at the side of the road. At the same time, a car ahead of them began suddenly moving in reverse.

"They didn't understand why the other car was driving backward like that, until they saw that masked men carrying weapons had exited the parked car and were threatening the woman driving ahead of them,” he said. “The woman locked the doors of her car, and when they couldn't open the doors, they moved on to my parents' car.”

His parents quickly locked the doors to their car, and as the would-be thieves approached, they managed to drive off, Ofer related. The other driver managed to escape as well.

Ofer accused police of an apathetic response. Police in the I'ron (Wadi Ara) District told his parents to call the police in Hadera, and police in Hadera simply took evidence, without sending officers to the scene, he said.

Following the incident in question, Ofer began his own investigation, and found other drivers who reported witnessing similar events. After collecting their testimony, he turned to police and asked them to warn residents of the area of the possibility of carjacking, and to remind drivers to travel with their windows up and doors locked.

Ofer told Arutz Sheva that he had reported the incidents to the Public Security Ministry, which is responsible for overseeing the police force.

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