Helping Women Open a Business

Israel Tax Advisors Bureau announces a new initiative to help women who wish to open their own businesses.

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 2:12 PM

Religious women
Religious women
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"Where there's no man, try to be a man," the Mishna teaches - and the Israel Tax Advisors Bureau is doing just that, announcing a new initiative to help religious and other women who wish to open their own businesses.

The Bureau is offering free initial advice on opening a business to women, and a woman who then opens her own business will receive a discount in tax services for the first year.

Asked to explain the initiative, Bureau President Natan Rosner of Jerusalem explained to Israel National News, “There are many religious women who have very specific needs in terms of opening a business. They are not likely to want to turn to the official nationwide MATI bureaus of the Ministry of Trade, for various sociological and other reasons. We have therefore established this woman-friendly service, headed by two women, which will ease the way into the business world for women who do not want to work in close proximity to men.”

The initiative is open to all women, regardless of religion or level of observance, Rosner emphasized. He said he is considering opening similar courses in the Arab and Druze sectors.

Susie Shukeri, who heads the Bureau’s Committee for the Advancement of Women, and who will head the new service, says that the plan is to hold a short course for women taking their first steps in owning their own business to train them in various procedural matters concerning running a firm.

Among the vital information to be taught will be opening accounts in the Income Tax, VAT, and National Insurance, as well as opening business bank accounts, receiving credit, and accounting.