New IDF Order: Raise Your Shirts

IDF hysteria over banners against orders to expel Jews triggered officers to order soldiers Monday night to raise their shirts for inspection.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 10:45 AM

Soldiers post anti-expulsion banner
Soldiers post anti-expulsion banner
Israel news photo

Soldiers who attended a Monday night celebration of 10 years since the founding of the Netzach Yehuda (Yehuda Forever) battalion were ordered to leave their belongings outside the hall and to raise their shirts to make sure they were not carrying any banners against expulsion orders.

The unusual procedure reflects fears in the IDF that the spreading protest movement will make it difficult for the government to order the army to deploy soldiers along with police who carry out demolitions of Jewish homes and the expulsion of their residents.

Soldiers in two different battalions have been involved in recent expulsions at Homesh which originally was destroyed in the massive expulsion program four years ago, and at the Negohot community south of Hevron earlier this month. Both incidents were followed by soldiers raising banners stating they do not participate in expulsions, and several soldiers were thrown out of combat service for their demonstrations.

A third incident occurred last week when an anti-expulsion sign was found before it could be raised at a training base.

Monday night’s Netzach Yehuda event was held at a hall on the Hebrew University’s Mount of Olives campus. Soldiers complained about what they called a denigrating order of having to lift their shits so that officers could be sure they were not smuggling banners into the hall.

“We complained to one of the officers, but he said the orders came from senior officers,” one soldier told Arutz 7. IDF spokesmen said that the order from the Central Command was intended "to prevent an unpleasant situation or the possibility that some people would try to cause a provocation.”