IDF Buying Laser Rangefinders

Commanders of infantry platoons soon will carry laser rangefinders, the size of a matchbox, and it will help artillery to fire more accurately.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 7:26 AM

IDF artillery
IDF artillery
IDF Spokeman's Unit

Starting next summer, commanders of infantry platoons will be equipped with laser rangefinders. The Ministry of Defense has begun the process of choosing the firm that will supply IDF with the instruments.

The tiny rangefinder is the size of a matchbox, and its use by IDF platoon commanders will answer a need that has become more acute since the Second Lebanon War and operation 'Cast Lead' - helping artillery to fire more accurately.

The laser rangefinder is like a set of binoculars that gives its user a precise estimate of distances. It has become a particularly vital instrument in managing IDF fire and has been used in the fields of combat. Rangefinders have been in use on the battalion level, but they were not given to the lower ranked commanders in the platoons and battalions.

"This is a small, simple, inexpensive solution that will enable every platoon commander to know the range which he must fire,” said the Head of Infantry Weapons Branch in the Ground Forces, Lt. Col Eran Granit. “The need for such equipment has always existed, but... today's technology has turned the product into a mass produced and inexpensive solution.”