Haifa U. Demands: Stop Boycott

The Dean of Haifa University said his institution is almost alone in its fight against Norwegian academics’ attempt to boycott Israel.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 8:23 AM

Israeli University students face boycott
Israeli University students face boycott
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Prof. Yossi Ben-Artzi, dean of the University of Haifa, called on other higher institutions in Israel to try to cancel the Norwegian academic boycott on Israel. He also blamed Israelis for inciting foreigners to place an embargo on Israel.

“Except for us, I have not heard of any other universities here fighting the boycott, and we must stop it. I have no doubt that after Norway, others will follow, and we have to ‘put a finger in the dike’ before everything collapses,” he told Arutz-7.

Prof. Ben-Artzi revealed that he sent a harsh letter to his counterpart in Norway, demanding it stop the boycott.

He also blamed some Israelis for encouraging the University of Norway to boycott Israel. “All kinds of people from Britain, as well as Israeli lecturers, walk around there with the idea of boycotting Israel. They tried to do this in Britain, but it failed, and now they are trying to sell their agenda to naïve Norwegians.”

The university dean identified one of the anti-Zionist Israelis as Dr. Ilan Pappa, "who has spread libel against Israel throughout the world for years.”

He added, “The academic world is a sensitive point because it is the link between Israel and the rest of the world. If the boycott succeeds it will prevent us from publishing our research. Unfortunately, academics in Israel are urging their counterparts in other countries to enforce an academic embargo also."

“We threatened them with a lawsuit, and they backed off.”