New Eastern J'lem Bus Line

A new Egged bus line in eastern Jerusalem aims to connect the area's Jewish communities.

Zalman Nelson , | updated: 12:25 PM

Egged bus awaits the next route
Egged bus awaits the next route
Israel news photo: file

The Egged Bus Company will begin service on a new line – number 43 – on Sunday to connect the Jewish neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem with each other.

The new line will leave from the Abu Tor neighborhood, reaching the neighborhood of Ma’aleh HaZeitim before running a return route to Abu Tor. The line will eventually expand to accommodate passengers from the Nof Tzion neighborhood which recently celebrated a community expansion ceremony.

The new line was opened in response to a Ministry of Transportation request to extend service to the neighborhoods of Abu Tor and Ma’aleh Zeitim, according to a statement posted on the municipality web site.

A route map on site shows line 43 leaving from HaMekafed Street in the Abu Tor neighborhood, turning right on to Derech Hevron, continuing on to Hativat Jerusalem Street, and then turning right on to Guy Ben Hinom. The bus continues straight until the Ir David Junction, turns left onto Derech HaOfel and enters the Kotel plaza area. It then leaves, heading left back towards Derech HaOfel, turns right onto Derech Jericho, and ends in the Ma’aleh HaZeitim neighborhood.

On the return trip, number 43 leaves Ma’aleh HaZeitim heading towards Ma’aleh HaShalom, turns left on Hativat Jerusalem and continues onto Derech Hevron. The bus makes a left on Naami Abu Tor Street and then ends at HaMifaked Street.