Earthquake Cage Test a Success

The city of Jerusalem successfully tested an earthquake cage aimed at protecting schoolchildren. Test involved blowing up a school.

Maayana Miskin ,

Earthquake cage tested in blast
Earthquake cage tested in blast
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Jerusalem municipality blew up an old school building shortly after noon on Monday as part of an experiment set up to test a unique new earthquake cage. The building, located in Jerusalem's Katamon neighborhood, was demolished in a controlled explosion.

The explosion was set up by Tamar Explosive Laboratories to simulate an earthquake.

The experiment was deemed a success by supervising engineers. Engineers hoped to determine whether or not the cage would maintain its structure during a powerful earthquake.

The cage aims to protect children in case of an earthquake. If it successfully passes subsequent tests, it may be installed in school buildings throughout the country.

Students will be taught to run to the cage in case of an earthquake. If a powerful earthquake were to hit, scientists estimate that students would have several seconds following the first waves of motion in which to seek cover before the most destructive waves hit.

In experiments in Jerusalem schools, officials found that after practicing running for cover, a full class of students could enter the “cages” within seconds.