Nabbed for ‘Tired of Gays’ Shirt

Police nab hareidi man who wore T-shirt that said “homos, we are tired of you” to the homosexual rally in Tel Aviv.

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Gil Ronen and Nissan Ratzlav-Katz ,

Aryeh Yerushalmi
Aryeh Yerushalmi
Israel news photo

Police arrested a hareidi man, Aryeh Yerushalmi, for wearing a T-shirt that said “Homos, We are Tired of You” to a rally by homosexuals at Tel Aviv’s main square Saturday night.

It is not known what law Yerushalmi is suspected of breaking.

According to NRG, police asked him to leave the area and when he refused, arrested him. “They arrest people here because you cannot express yourself in this country,” Yerushalmi said before being forced into a squad car.

Yerushalmi, 27, is known for two earlier provocative one-man demonstrations that he held at branches of the Tiv Ta’am supermarket chain. For two years in a row, he took off almost all of his clothes near the bread shelves in the store during Pesach (Passover) to protest a court ruling that allowed the store to sell chametz (leavened, and therefore unkosher for Pesach) products during the holiday.

Yerushalmi explained that the protest was meant to highlight the absurdity of the ruling which determined that the store was not a public place and could therefore stock chametz without breaking the Chametz Law. Yerushalmi reasoned that if the store was not a public place, he should be allowed to take off his clothes there. To drive home the point, he wrote “it’s not public” on his body.

Those protests received much media attention, but Yerushalmi admitted he could be kicked out of his yeshiva for the indecent act. After the second demonstration he was brought before a judge, but was not charged.

Thousands attend rally
Thousands of people flooded into Tel Aviv's Rabin Square Saturday night in memory of two people murdered in a shooting spree at a club for homosexual youth exactly one week ago. The mass gathering was accompanied by well-known Israeli musicians and was addressed by President Shimon Peres, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai as well as a young man wounded in the shooting and a sister of one of the murder victims.

In his comments, Peres said that the shooter was aiming at all the citizens of Israel, even though he physically attacked the gay youth organization. "Preventing murder is our uncompromising duty," Peres declared. "We have no right to rummage around in the lives of others, as long as they obey the law and maintain order. Only tyrants in dictatorships give themselves permission to do so."

The president added that the security services would not rest until the perpetrator was captured.