Jews to Pay for Expulsion?

IDF prosecutors recommend that Jews being evicted from unauthorized outposts be forced to pay the costs of their expulsion.

Maayana Miskin ,

Aftermath of expulsion
Aftermath of expulsion
Israel News Photo: file

A new policy suggested by IDF prosecutors would leave Jews liable to pay for the costs of their own expulsion and the destruction of their homes. The proposal would force residents of unauthorized Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria to pay if they do not agree to leave the area immediately when asked to do so by security personnel.

The proposal has been sent on to state prosecutors, who are expected to decide whether or not to give it their backing in the near future.

The bill aims to reduce opposition to the destruction of unauthorized Jewish outposts. Dozens of small towns and outposts established with state aid but without official authorization have been slated for destruction. Activists have protested the demolition orders by creating several new outposts, all of which are now slated for demolition as well.

Jewish activists have thrown themselves into the legal battle over demolitions as well. On Thursday, Jewish residents of Hevron filed for damages over the expulsion of Jewish families from the Hevron marketplace two years earlier.

The suit was filed just days after residents of Yad Yair sued several senior IDF officials for allegedly conducting an expulsion illegally, lying about their intentions, and denying residents their mandated right to an appeal.

State officials have stated that they will provide full backing to the IDF in case of any lawsuits filed by Judea and Samaria Jews.