Speak English? Make Aliyah

Do you speak English? Are you looking for work? Israel wants you! It is offering 14 months of training for new immigrants who qualify.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Israeli schools waiting for new olim to teach
Israeli schools waiting for new olim to teach
Israel News Photo: file

Nearly 50 North Americans are making aliyah this summer with ready-made-work available as English teachers after 14 months of training. The Education Ministry, the Jewish Agency and the Nefesh B’Nefesh group built the new program to encourage more olim [new immigrants] to enter the field of teaching and help fill approximately 1,000 vacancies in the school system.

Aliyah and Education Ministry officials marketed the program in North American and interviewed prospects who have a university degree, not necessarily in education. The program is open for those under the age of 35.

The teachers-to-be are due to arrive this month and will spend their first weeks in Israel in absorption centers in Jerusalem and Raanana, part of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

After several weeks of learning Hebrew in ulpan, they will start a teacher training program in October and then return to ulpan next summer before starting at their new jobs as qualified English teachers in the Galilee, Negev and other areas outside of the Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa metropolitan areas.

The Educating Ministry will give participants stipends after the seven-month period in which olim receive grants from the Absorption Ministry.

The guarantee of work is a big incentive as the United States continues to grapple with a recession that has swelled unemployment roles and bankrupted dozens of banks and even the industrial giant General Motors, which once was an unshakeable symbol of American capitalism and prosperity.

Several international banks have forecast the Israel is on the verge of renewed growth far higher than projected in other industrialized nations, making Israel even more attractive to prospective immigrants.