Cleaning Ruth & Yishai's Tomb

A group of Jews gathered from all over Israel before the holiday of Shavuot to clean and renovate the Tomb of Ruth and Yishai.

IsraelNN TV Staff ,

Cleaning the tomb
Cleaning the tomb
Israel News Photo: (INN TV)

In preparation for the upcoming holiday of Shavuot, a group of Jews gathered from all over Israel to clean and renovate the Tomb of Ruth and Jesse (Yishai). Ruth, a Moabite princess who was determined to become a Jewess and in fact became the great-grandmother of King David, is remembered during the holiday, with the Scroll of Ruth being read in synagogues around the world.

The Neo-Zionist lobby "Kumah," in partnership with the Jewish Community of Hevron, where Ruth is buried, organized the event. It involved the installation of new top-quality furnishings, painting, light and water fixtures, cleaning, and arrangement of a stone courtyard outside the holy site.

Kumah members said they performed the day-long difficult manual labor as a way of expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the Jews of Hevron, whose presence in the City of our Forefathers ensures that Jews of all walks of life can visit and pray there.

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