Bedouin Serial Killer Found

Israel Police released details of the murder of Dana Bennett, 18, an American-Israeli whose fate was unknown for six years - until last week.

Yosef Zalmanson ,

Israel Police held a news conference Tuesday to announce the identity of the murderer of 18-year-old American-Israeli Dana Bennett: A Bedouin serial killer.

Dana's fate was unknown for six years until last week.

The police revealed the details of what is being called one of the worst murder stories in the history of the State.  The accused is Yichye Farhan, 33, from the Bedouin Arab village of Hamam, northwest of Tiberias in the Galilee.

Farhan, father of four, is serving a jail sentence for rape, and is now known to have committed three other murders, another rape, and several attempted abductions and other crimes of violence – including the attempted murder of his sister.

In addition to Bennett, Farhan murdered a 60-year-old man near Arik Bridge, throwing the body into the Jordan River; the man had been thought to have drowned.  He also murdered a female Czech tourist just months before murdering Bennett, and took the life of a fellow prison inmate who was thought to have hanged himself.

The police spokesman said that the accused confessed to all the above, but could not provide any motive other than “murder.”

The spokesman further said that Bennett was beaten to death, and emphasized that she was not raped. The murderer’s accomplice in enticing his victim was arrested a month ago -- his 16-year-old girlfriend of the time, whose details are still not being released, provided the testimony that led police to the murderer.