Israel's War Against the Jews?

The Israeli government is waging an unrelenting war against its religious-Zionist population, charges a new book that hits the shelves Tuesday.

IsraelNN Staff , | updated: 9:59 AM

Book cover: The Late Great State of Israel
Book cover: The Late Great State of Israel

The Israeli government is causing grave harm to the country's security by waging an unrelenting war against its religious-Zionist population, charges a new book thats hit the shelves Tuesday.
In the book, "The Late, Great State of Israel," WorldNetDaily journalist Aaron Klein argues that Israel is facing unprecedented, mortal danger, including from the Obama administration, yet few seem to realize it. 
The subtitle of the book is "How enemies within and without threaten the Jewish nation's survival."
A section of the book highlights the governmental closure of the terrestial broadcasts of Arutz Sheva's national radio network in the 1990's.
Klein also reports on what he says is an internal war in Israel in which those in power who want the country to resemble a secular, Europeanized state suppress a significant segment of the population - the religious-Zionist camp - that wants to keep Israel a Jewish country defined by its profoundly Jewish history, traditions, and character.
The author details how leftist, Labor Zionist leaders often stab the country in the back while trying to minimize Israel's religious-Zionist population. He argues that Israel's evacuation of Gush Katif in 2005 and its drive to create a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and sections of Jerusalem are, in large part, aimed at destroying religious-Zionism, but that such actions will have devastating consequences for Israel.
Klein outlines how some of Israel's other "dangerous" policies are also related to a war against religious Zionism, such as the recent attempts to change the state map in Israeli text books, or attempts to dismantle Hesder institutions (schools which combine Torah study with Israeli Defense Force service).
He also exposes what he says are ways in which the Israeli government works to slander the settler population, falsely depicting Jews who reside in Judea and Samaria as extremists.
Klein argues the closure of Arutz Sheva's radio network in the 1990's was part of a Labor Zionist war against religious Zionism. Arutz Sheva was the only news media outlet to oppose the 1993 Oslo Accords.
Klein recounts the surrounding events in the book:
"In 1994, the Israeli government moved to shut down Arutz Sheva by denying the company a broadcast license, thus driving the station to broadcast from further out at sea, beyond Israel’s territorial waters.

"In 1995, when the Arutz Sheva transmitter ship docked at Israel’s Ashdod port for annual repairs, communications minister Shulamit Aloni, of the leftist Meretz Party, ordered the police and ministry inspectors to raid the vessel during the nine days preceding the Jewish mourning day of Tisha B’Av—a time when Jewish tradition calls for refraining from listening to music, in accord with the solemnity of the period.
"The official pretext for the raid was that the ship broadcasted from Israeli territorial waters and that its transmissions interfered with planes landing at Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport. In actuality, Arutz Sheva had shut down its radio broadcasts for the entire nine-day mourning period, since a good deal of its programming consisted of music.

"In other words, not only was the religious station not interfering with air traffic, it wasn’t broadcasting at all. Still, Israeli police raided the Arutz Sheva ship and confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollars of broadcasting equipment, dealing the network a major blow.

"The war against the independent radio station continued with the Israeli government’s sudden increase of the range of what it considered territorial waters. This drove the Arutz Sheva ship even further out to sea. Accusing the group of continuing illegal broadcasts, Israel’s attorney general then ordered a probe that included an investigation of companies that advertised on Arutz Sheva, causing the station to lose massive advertising revenue, according to Arutz Sheva staff interviewed for this book.

Eventually, Arutz Sheva’s operators were indicted and then convicted for illegally broadcasting in Israeli territory, bringing an end to the station’s terrestrial radio broadcasts. The government witch hunt cost Israeli taxpayers a staggering $10 million, according to sources close to the investigation."
Other highlights of Klein's "The Late, Great State of Israel" include:
*Indications Obama is poised to legitimize Hamas terrorists. How Obama's Mideast policies, including talks with Iran and Syria, threaten the Jewish state, and ultimately America.
*How the U.S. funds and fuels Middle East terrorism
*How Iran is positioning its proxies to wreak havoc on Israel while Tehran inches toward nuclear weapons.
*How and why Israel failed in its recent 22-day war in Gaza;